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Hi there! We are in Challenging times, wouldn’t you agree?

The way Psychic Directions will be offering its services, will be more directed to sharing a vibration that will allow us and spirit, as a tribe, to make a shift toward a healthier greater good, in both mind and body.

2021 is here and many of us can feel the difference to the East….the Air.

We are in the Age of Aquarius and this year our worlds will change.

I ask you to go within right now….feel your glow, your inner god/goddess, the warrior that is willing to fight for your soul, and ask for connection to your silent DNA.

With Grace.

Peace and love!

This is a place to contact myself, Jacqui and ‘The Guide,’ as we travel this beautiful country, answering the call of our many clients and the land.

Visiting the sacred sites of Australia and other countries, has empowered my connections, my intuition and amplifies the passion to bring peace and answers, to those questions that we have a burning desire to know the answers to.

I have always received prompts from The Guide, it has taken most of my life to arrive at a place of understanding, so that I could gently deliver these messages, with the intention of Healing a sometimes, broken heart.

Being well known in the Canberra region and Mid North Coast, where I have lived and loved in my Healing space.  

I have and will continues to, (COVID permitting) attend many spiritual fairs, but also I also have a client data base from all over the world that regularly connect with myself and The Guide…… so please join our tribe!

You can experience a session with myself and The Guide via, FaceTime, a simple phone call, Social Media or in person.  (You can also contact me via email, phone or sms…see ‘contact’ for further info.)

We encourage you to experience a phone reading/chanelling, a distance Healing, an attunement to a Reiki system, open and embrace your Kundalini, a Chakra Balance, or to simply begin a mentorship program, that will allow you to share this Light with others and be part of a Healing tribe with a view to empowering this world with love.

This is a safe place to accept ourselves, our past, our present and our future.

This is a safe place to become…to expand…to accept and to learn…

This is a safe place to begin on the pathway or stand on a platform, that you have always known was yours, move in a direction with tools that will help you stay upright and sturdy as you move forward.

Love and blessings to you from myself, Jacqui and The Guide

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Thank you so so much again for today. You really are an amazing person. I’m so glad to have been led to you.
I feel very calm, somehow soft and very aware of my legs, especially my feet.

Carolin writes

Jacqui is one of the most sincere and genuine physic readers that I have come across, she has an innate ability to make you feel at ease and comfortable. I would highly recommend Jacqui to anyone who is looking for guidance and insight. I have personally had the pleasure of having Jacqui read for me, her gentle approach and informative insights were both accurate and reassuring.
Love and Gratitude

Antoniette Gomez

Antoniette Gomez – Author Chakra Mindset

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