Welcome to Psychic Directions with Jacqui Cooper!

This is a place to contact Jacqui as she travels this beautiful country, answering the call of her many clients and the land.

Visiting the sacred sites of Australia and other countries such as Stonehenge in the UK, has empowered Jacqui’s intuition and her passion to bring peace and answers to those questions that we have a burning desire to know the answers to.

All her life Jacqui has known she was different, she had a knowing about other people, in this life or the next.

From a young age, crystals have resonated with Jacqui, and she would without hesitation, offer a gentle massage or simply gift one of natures treasures to a person in need.  She has always received prompts from spirit and when guided, would deliver these messages safely, with the intention for Healing a sometimes broken heart.

Jacqui is well known in the Canberra region and Mid North Coast, where she has lived and loved in her Healing Clinic.  She has and continues to, attend many spiritual fairs, but also has a client data base from all over the world that regularly consult Jacqui…… so please join her tribe!

You can experience a session with Jacqui  via Skype, FaceTime and Social Media.  (You can also contact Jacqui via email, phone or sms…see ‘contact’ for further info.)

We encourage you to contact Jacqui to experience a phone reading, distance Healing, or attunement to a Reiki system that allows you to share this Light with others and be part of a Healing tribe with a view to empowering this world with love.

This is a safe place to learn about ourselves, our past, our present and our future.

This is a safe place to become…to expand…to accept and to learn…

This is a safe place to begin on the pathway or platform, that you have always known was in front of you, with tools that will help you stay upright and sturdy along the way.

Love and blessings to you from Jacqui.

Just wanted to send a massive thank you for last night. He is in such a better place today. I think he needs to chat to like minded people every now and then to give him his confidence on who he is. Funny this morning I said I really have no interest in who I was, a little curious but not searching. More interested in my girls and getting them to where they need and what we need right now and he future. I think he is more curious who I was lol. Anyways thank you again from the bottom of my heart and I know his too. Will probably do a little session with you myself in the future. Much love and blessings always 💗💗💗💗Laurita

Laurita writes on behalf of her soul mate and husband, they have had many past lives together:


Thank you so so much again for today. You really are an amazing person. I’m so glad to have been led to you.
I feel very calm, somehow soft and very aware of my legs, especially my feet.

Carolin writes

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